Coffee & Tea 

MORI Coffee & Tea collection is targeted towards the ever growing interests in home brewed coffee & tea. In addition, they complement our existing line up of chinaware that are frequently used to enjoy such beverage. From the essential double wall glasses to cold brew jugs, MORI’s Coffee & Tea collection is ready to accompany your relaxing morning or afternoon break.


Slate & Marble Serveware and Home Decor

MORI Slate is made of layer upon layer of fine-grained, foliated rock fused together over time under low heat and huge pressure. The texture both on the surface and around the edge brings a natural impression to the dining experience. The dark grey color will give a unique different harmony with traditional white chinaware and glassware.

MORI Marble is made of beautiful and durable white marble. This marble with its elegant and luxurious design will match many dining room and kitchen decors.

The stylish range includes coasters, plates, and serving trays. Contact us for more information on catalogue and price quotation.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ridzky A Effendi says:

    Helo, saya butuh tutup kaca atas untuk kaolin cold drip 900 ml, apakah tersedia?


    1. monrichad says:

      Hai Ridzky, maaf untuk sementara kita ngga jual parts nya saja.


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